Board Members

Goichiro Arai


Goichiro is the Co-founder and CEO of Arcterus Co., Ltd.

In February 2007, he faced the most important moment in his life.

Goichiro was the management director of the ski resort business from Hoshino Resorts R. Engrossed at work as a fledgling manager, he encountered a serious ski accident. He was sent to the hospital and underwent an emergent surgery. Facing the death, Goichiro made up his mind to realize his dream for long–to build an innovative educational service to broaden the possibility of the world. Spending 3 years elaborating the plan, Goichiro and his classmate at Keio Business School, Yoshiki Shiraishi, established Arcterus in 2010.

After graduation, Goichiro worked as a strategy consultant in a US-affiliated consulting firm for 3 years. He started to work for NTT in 1997 and then went to business school in order to become an entrepreneur.

Goichiro holds an MBA and Bachelor of Economics from Keio University, where he spent most of his days practicing Karate till late.

Yoshiki Shiraishi

Yoshiki is the Co-founder and COO/CFO of Arcterus Co., Ltd.

Prior to Arcterus, Yoshiki worked as a director in several startups. He has also served as the CFO of one of the 8 companies he invested, which later was sold to CellMid, the listed company in Australia.

Whiling pursuing MBA, Yoshiki participated in the establishment of a venture capital firm for biotech and hi-tech industries, where he worked after graduation. During the time period, he had invested companies such as Acucela Inc. as the executive officer.

Yoshiki entered Fujitsu Ltd. in 1997, after earning his bachelor degree of Economics at Keio University, where he joined the track and field club and started to be obsessed with running. He also holds an MBA from Keio Business School.

Board Director
Yusuke Kurishima

Yusuke assumed office as the external director of Arcterus Co., Ltd. in June 2015.

Yusuke is a Co-Founder and a director of Protostar Inc, formerly Supernova Inc, a startup accelerator and an incubator. Engaging numerous entrepreneurs and creators, Yusuke developed a keen interest in talent cultivation to make innovation happen. It led to his passion in forming a community to nurture entrepreneurs in the EdTech field.

He dedicates to building a community to connect entrepreneurs and creators in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka and other places in Japan while supporting new education startups.

Yusuke graduated from Waseda University and worked in one of the leading asset management companies as a stock trader and fund manager.

Jun Harada

Jun became the external auditor of Arcterus Co., Ltd. in June 2015.

He also serves as External Auditor of Accounting at Allied Architects, Inc. and the lecturer at Yokohama National University specializing in entrepreneurship and accounting.

Jun started his own accounting firm in 2012. Later in 2014, Jun expanded the business to IPO and M&A advisory, becoming CEO of the company, Aoba Accountants & Advisors. Now he provides finance, taxes and accounting service based on his experience and know-how from different fields, including IT, securities, auditing, and his prior photography business.

Jun was responsible for management planning, business development, and M&A activities in Yahoo! Japan Corporation. In Livedoor Co., Ltd., he was in charge of M&A, business investment, and business revitalization. He also worked for Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., focusing on M&A advisory, besides his experience in IPO assistance in an auditing firm.